Tecnifibre Dynergy AP 130

8,800.00 руб.

Производитель: TECNIFIBRE
Модель: Tecnifibre Dynergy AP 130


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New arrival from Tecnifibre (April 2016), the latest Dynergy range rackets have been designed in conjunction with Miguel Angel Rodriguez.
Offering impressive swing velocity, the Tecnifibre Dynergy AP 130 is a
lightweight and manoeuvrable squash racket suitable even for the toughest
rallies. It has a 16×16 string pattern and features a revolutionary Arch Power
system to let you unleash explosive power and beat your opponent with ease. The
racket comes strung with DNAMX 1.20 string and ensures more stiffness and
strength thanks to graphite and H.M.G. (High Modulus Graphite) construction. An
innovative Jumbo shaft is 38% thicker than the Carboflex cross section and
delivers increased power and added stability.


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