Tecnifibre Dynergy AP 135

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Модель: Tecnifibre Dynergy AP 135

Tecnifibre-dynergy ракетка в спб:

The Tecnifibre Dynergy AP 135 squash racket is a great choice for those who are
looking for a combination of power and stability. It has a 76in² (490cm²) head
and comes strung with a Synthetic Gut Ø 1.25 string for a blend of ball feel and
durability. The innovative Arch Power stringing system delivers great power
potential and added comfort, whilst a special Jumbo shaft provides maximum
stability. Constructed from graphite and H.M.G. (High Modulus Graphite), the
racket offers added stiffness and strength to ensure a solid feel and more
confidence on the court. A full cover is included for the racket’s protection.


Dynergy AP 135 Features:
* Head Size: 76in² (490cm²)
* Frame Weightunstrung: 135g — (4.7oz)
* Balance: 370 +/-5mm
* Beam Width: 21.5-20-19.5mm
* Length: 27″ (686mm)
* Strung with Synthetic Gut Ø 1.25 string
* String Pattern: 16×16
* Grip: Squash Dry Grip — noir
* Full-length cover included

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